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List of Reactive Dyes 

Series ED, SP, VS, H and C


Reactive ED Series

Serie de Reactivos ED

Product NameC.I. No.
Reactive Yellow EDNot listed
Reactive Orange EDNot listed
Reactive Red EDNot listed
Reactive Red ED-3BNot listed
Reactive Red ED-4BNot listed
Reactive Blue EDNot listed
Reactive Navy Blue EDNot listed
Reactive Black EDMIX

Nobel RGB and WR Reactive Series are also available

Pallet with dyestuff boxes

Reactive  VS Series

Serie de Reactivos VS

      Product NameC.I. No.
     Reactive Yellow VS-FG       Reactive Yellow 42
     Reactive Yellow VS-GR 150%       Reactive Yellow 15
     Reactive Yellow VS-R      Reactive Yellow 17
     Reactive Golden Yellow VS-RNL      Reactive Orange 107
     Reactive Orange VS-3R 150%      Reactive Orange 16
     Reactive Red VS-C2G       Reactive Red 106
     Reactive Red VS-BB        Reactive Red 21
     Reactive Red VS-BS      Reactive Red 111
     Reactive Red VS-RB 150%       Reactive Red 198
     Reactive Violet VS-5R 140%       Reactive Violet 5
     Reactive Blue VS-2G 165%       Reactive Blue 21
     Reactive Brill. Green VS-6B       Reactive Blue 38
     Reactive Blue VS-BB       Reactive Blue 220
     Reactive Blue VS-3R      Reactive Blue 28
     Reactive Blue VS-RGBL      Reactive Blue 250
     Reactive Navy Blue VS-2G      Reactive Blue 203
     Reactive Navy Blue VA-BR      Reactive Blue 89
     Reactive Brilliant Blue VS-R      Reactive Blue 19
     Reactive Brown VS-GR      Reactive Blue 18
     Reactive Black VS-B 150%      Reactive Black 5
     Reactive Black VS-RL      Reactive Black 31
     Reactive Black VS-N 150%      Reactive Black Mix
     Reactive Black VS-HFGR      Reactive Black Mix
     Reactive Black VS-WNN      Reactive Black Mix
     Reactive Black  VS-R      Reactive Black Mix
     Reactive Black VS-G      Reactive Black Mix

Reactive SUPRA Series (SP)

 Serie de Reactivos SUPRA (SP)

Product NameC.I. No.
Reactive Yellow SP-3RF 150% Reactive Yellow 145
Reactive Yellow SP-4G 200%Reactive Yellow 160
Reactive Red SP-3B Reactive Red 194
Reactive Red SP-3G Reactive Red 227
Reactive Red SP-3B 150% Reactive Red 195
Reactive Red SP-6B 150% Reactive Red 250
Reactive Orange SP-2RReactive Orange 122
Reactive N. Blue SP-2G 150% Reactive Blue 194
Reactive Blue SP-BRFReactive Blue 221
Reactive Navy Blue SP-BFReactive Blue 222
Reactive Blue SP-2RLReactive Blue 248

Reactive H Serie

Serie de Reactivos H

Product Name
C.I. No.
Reactive Yellow H-5G
Reactive Yellow 2
Reactive Yellow H-4G
Reactive Yellow 18
Reactive G. Yellow H-R
Reactive Orange 12
Reactive Orange H-2R
Reactive Orange 13
Reactive Red H-8B
Reactive Red 31
Reactive Red H-6BX
Reactive Red 76
Reactive Purple H-P3B
Reactive Red 45
Reactive Red H-PB
Reactive Red 24
Reactive Magenta H-B
Reactive Violet 14
Reactive Violet H-3R
Reactive Violet 1
Reactive Blue H-GR
Reactive Blue 5
Reactive Blue H-5R
Reactive Blue 13
Reactive Blue H-P3R
Reactive Blue 49
Reactive Turq. Blue H-5G
Reactive Blue 25
Reactive Navy Blue H-P2R
Reactive Blue 39
Reactive Navy Blue H-RX
Reactive Blue 79
Reactive Red Brown H-4R
Reactive Brown 9
Reactive Black HN
Reactive Black 8
Reactive Black H-PGR
Reactive Black Mix

Reactive C Series

Serie de Reactivos C

Product Name
C.I. No.
Reactive Yellow C-8G
Reactive Yellow 86
Reactive Yellow C-4G
Reactive Yellow 22
Reactive Yellow C-4R
Reactive Yellow 14
Reactive Yellow C-3R
Reactive Yellow 86
Reactive Yellow C-R
Reactive Yellow 44
Reactive Orange C-2R
Reactive Orange 4
Reactive Red C-5B
Reactive Red 2
Reactive Red C-8B
Reactive Red 11
Reactive Magenta C-B
Reactive Violet 13
Reactive Violet C-4R
Reactive Violet 14
Reactive Blue C-R
Reactive Blue 4
Reactive Blue C-2R
Reactive Blue 81