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Solvent Dyes - Colorantes a la Grasa

Dyes that are soluble in organic solvents or nonpolar materials are known as Solvent Dyes. These dyes are used to color organic solvents, hydrocarbon fuels, waxes, lubricants, and other hydrocarbon-based nonpolar materials. Their molecules are typically nonpolar or little polar, no producing ionization, therefore insoluble or very little soluble in water.

Se clasifican como colorantes solventes o a la grasa son aquellos colorantes solubles en solventes organicos a materiales apolares. Estos colorantes son usados para darle color a los solventes organicos, combustibles, cera, parafina, lubricantes, grasas y otros hidrocarburos no polares. La molecula de estos colorantes es no polar o presenta muy baja polaridad y es por ello que son insolubles o muy poco solubles en agua.

Solvent Dyes Applications 

leather polishes

shoe polish

car polish 

floor polishes

printing inks wax crayons

pigment masterbatches

colouring polymers

wax coatings



filling and insulating compounds for electrical components and circuits


  Product Name  C.I. No.
  Novactsolv Oil Yellow A  Solvent Yellow 2
  Novactsolv Fluo. Yellow 6GF  Solvent Yellow 5
  Novactsolv Yellow R  Solvent Yellow 14
  Novactsolv Yellow 4G  Solvent Yellow 33
  Novactsolv Fluo. Yellow D  Solvent Yellow 44
  Novactsolv Oil Yellow DE  Solvent Yellow 56
  Novactsolv Fluo. Yellow 3G  Solvent Yellow 98
  Novactsolv Fuel Yellow LVN  Solvent Yellow 124
  Novactsolv Yellow FP  Solvent Yellow 135
  Novactsolv Yellow GFW  Solvent Yellow 141
  Novactsolv Fluo. Yellow 10GN  Solvent Yellow 160:1
  Novactsolv Yellow 3GL  Solvent Yellow 176



  Product Name  C.I. No.
  Novactsolv Violet 2B  Solvent Violet 13
  Novactsolv Violet RS  Solvent Violet 26
  Novactsolv Violet 3R  Solvent Violet 36
  Novactsolv Violet FBL  Solvent Violet 37
  Novactsolv Violet 3B  Solvent Violet 38


  Product Name  C.I. No.
  Novactsolv Blue B  Solvent Blue 35
  Novactsolv Blue A  Solvent Blue 36
  Novactsolv Blue FR  Solvent Blue 59
  Novactsolv Blue GN  Solvent Blue 63
  Novactsolv Blue 2R  Solvent Blue 68
  Novactsolv Blue 2G  Solvent Blue 78



Product NameC.I. No.
Novactsolv Orange GDCSolvent Orange 2
Novactsolv Orange YSolvent Orange 3
Novactsolv Orange 2WSolvent Orange 23
Novactsolv Orange 3GSolvent Orange 60
Novactsolv Orange RSolvent Orange 62
Novactsolv Orange GSolvent Orange 86


Product NameC.I. No.
Novactsolv Red 4BSolvent Red 24
Novactsolv Oil Red SSolvent Red 25
Novactsolv Oil Red MXBSolvent Red 26
Novactsolv Scarlet YSolvent Red 30
Novactsolv Scarlet CBSolvent Red 32
Novactsolv Red BNSolvent Red 33
Novactsolv Red BSolvent Red 49
Novactsolv Red 5BSolvent Red 52
Novactsolv Red 79Solvent Red 79
Novactsolv Red GSSolvent Red 111


Product NameC.I. No.
Novactsolv Malachite BaseSolvent Green 1
Novactsolv Green GSolvent Green 3
Novactsolv Fluo. Green 8GSolvent Green 5
Novactsolv Green TSolvent Green 7
Novactsolv Brown RSolvent Brown 12
Novactsolv Brown GSolvent Brown 41
Novactsolv Brown 2RLSolvent Brown 43
Novactsolv Brown RSolvent Brown 53
Novactsolv Black 2BSolvent Black 3
Novactsolv Black BRSolvent Black 5
Novactsolv Black NBSolvent Black 7