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Dyes available from Novact Corporation

  Type of Dyestuff       Brand Application
 1 Acid Novacid Nylon, Wool, Leather
 2 Basic Novactryl Acrylic, Cellulosics
 3 Direct Novact Direct Cotton, Paper, Leather
 4   Disperse Novact Disperse Polyester,  Acetate
 5 Reactive Novact Reactive Cotton, Wool
 6 Solvent Novactsolv Plastic, Wax, Fuel
 7 Sulfur Novact Sulfur Cotton, Cellulosic fibers
 8 Vat Novacthrene Cotton, Cellulosic fibers


Main Industries using Novact Dyes


Leather - Cuero

Paper - Papel

Plastic - Plastico

Paints - Pinturas

Candle - Velas

Ink - Tintas

Fuel and Oil - Combustibles y Aceites

Chemical - Quimicos

Agrochemical - Agricultura

Furniture - Muebles

Anodizing - Anodizado

NOVACT Corporation

13395 SW 131 Street
Miami Florida 33186, USA
Ph. (305) 235-3950
Fax (305) 278-8266